Office equipment like copiers and printers are no small investment, but essential to your daily productivity. If you want to get the most for your money, proper care and maintenance is crucial. Keeping your office equipment at peak performance will not only prolong its life but also boost your office productivity. Consider the following maintenance tips for your office copiers.


1. Proper positioning away from high traffic areas and drastic temperature changes is important. High traffic promotes high dust levels in the air which can affect machine performance. The copier also needs to be away from heaters, AC, and direct exposure to sunlight.

2. Staff training is crucial to ensuring your copiers are taken care of properly. Plan annual staff trainings to make sure everyone remains mindful of proper care and usage practices. Just like anything else, if you take proper care of your copiers daily, they will perform better longer.

3. Regular maintenance should be scheduled with a copier support This will keep your copiers at peak working condition.

4. Change ink and toner when levels are completely empty. Even though the low ink indicator light may be flashing, that doesn’t mean you have to replace the ink immediately. Wait until levels are empty and then refill them.

5. Cleaning often will prevent much wear and tear and keep your copiers humming along efficiently and working well. Clear dust away from the glass and the machine in general. Use a fine-haired paintbrush to dust the internal pieces of your copier such as paper trays and ink cartridge bays.


Keep your copier and other office equipment at top performance with regular care and maintenance that will extended the life of your devices. With Platinum Copier Solutions by your side, you never have to worry about maintenance and repairs for your Sharp document system. Our trained technicians provide onsite services for all your maintenance requests. Contact Us today for more information about our maintenance programs and Sharp copiers.

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