What is this printer/copier going to cost me?
AKnow your cost per page. Cost per page is one of the most over looked aspects of a printer/copier.

You could very well end up spending more to refill it with toner and a drum unit than you initially paid for the printer. Many offices are unaware that they are printing at various costs per page within their office because they have multiple printers. We can help you find the answers to these questions before you buy your next copier or printer.

How long is it going to last me?
AIf you don’t get at least three to five years out of a printer/copier, you bought the wrong unit or hired the wrong company to service it. Be sure to ask about serviceability of the unit you are buying.
What sort of maintenance cost can I expect to pay for my printer- photocopier?
AIf you are leasing your printer and photocopier, maintenance, servicing and repairs can usually be added in to the agreement and paid for as part of your monthly, quarterly or annual payments. However, there are also many independent maintenance service providers who specialise in office printing equipment, so do make sure you shop around for the best deal. These contracts will cover costs like engineer call outs to fix a broken machine, spare parts and technical support Without a maintenance agreement, engineer call outs, parts and repairs can be very costly, especially for high volume and sophisticated machines.
How does an office printer leasing contract works?
AOffice equipment can be extremely costly and many businesses simply couldn’t afford to buy printing or computing devices if they had to purchase outright.

A contract for a printer enables businesses to use exactly what they need, but at prices that are easy to budget for, along with substantial tax benefits. When you take out a leasing contract, the equipment is delivered and installed. You then simply pay the agreed monthly or annual fee for the duration of the agreement (usually somewhere between 1-5 years).

What is your refund policy?
AOnly goods returned to us in the unopened original condition that the goods were supplied in will be considered for a refund. Goods returned due to incorrect orders being placed by the client will be considered for refund only if the goods are in their original condition and received within 7 working days. Any costs incurred by copier and printer could be deducted from the refund amount should the refund be approved.
What if the product arrives damaged?
ANo problem! All of the goods dispatched from copier and printer are insured. You will need to complete an insurance claim form which will be considered by our delivery fulfillment partner’s insurance company.
How is my copier delivered?
ACopier and printer deliver and installs via our service division fleet throughout South Africa. Our technical teams deliver your units via our delivery vans; these are followed by our copier technicians who perform the installation and setup of the unit at your premises.
What sort of guarantee do I get on products?
AWe only supply the best products available in the world. You as the consumer have the option to order originals or compatibles. We do not supply refillable. In the interest of quality, copier and printer refuse to sell refillable cartridges and refill kits for inkjet printers.

Research has shown that the inks used for this type of replacement method are of inferior quality and have been inadequately refined. Due to this, the printheads on your printer which transport the ink from the cartridge to the paper get blocked and subsequently are damaged. The inks also do not dry properly and do not absorb easily into the paper causing damage to the printer rollers, reprints, and increased maintenance costs. This cost-saving method ends up costing you more money!

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