Develop Ineo+ 958

INEO+ 958

• Customisable capacitive touchscreen display
• High-speed scanning system with 240 ipm
• Economical and flexible
• Sophisticated finishing features

• Copy and print in black & white – up to 95 ppm A4 and 48 ppm A3
• Scans up to 240 ipm in colour/black & white
• Super G3 fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, polling, time shift, PC fax, receipt to confidential box, receipt to email, FTP, SMB
• Standard: Embedded controller
• 3,650 sheets standard; 6,650 sheets max.
• 2 x 500-sheet universal cassettes (A5-SRA3, 52-256 g/m²); 150-sheet bypass (A6-SRA3, 52-300 g/m²) for standard paper, envelopes, OHP, thick paper;
• 1,000-sheet and 1,500-sheet cassettes (A4, 52-256 g/m²) for standard paper

• Booklet finisher for brochures of up to 80 pages
• Finisher with 50- or 100-sheet stapling, max. 3,200-sheet capacity
• Optional for 50-sheet finisher: punch kit (2/4-hole),
• Optional for 100-sheet finisher: booklet kit (incl. letter- and centerfold), punch kit (2/4-hole), job separator, post insertion unit, Z-fold & punch unit


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