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Copier and Printer Privacy Statement

We are Copier and Printer operate by iSearch Media (Pty) Ltd (Copier and Printer or us or we) offer online marketplaces that connects the sellers and buyers together for exchange goods and services on the internet or fixed prices sales. This Privacy Policy method to safeguard the security of personal information collected from Copier and Printer by way of our delivery of services to customers. This Privacy Policy describes how we gather and use the personal data you provide us.

The Privacy Policy complies with the requirements that are contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, (the Act) and represents the Copier and Printer’s obligation to abide by its obligations and responsibilities as outlined in the Act.

We will inform that you about the following details when collecting your personal data:

The information that is being gathered and its source, from whom it was obtained when it is collected by another individual;

Name and Address

The motive for which the data is being recorded;

The supply of data by you is compulsory or voluntary

The consequences of failing to provide the required information

A specific law that authorizes or requiring the gathering of the data;

If we are planning to transfer the information to a foreign country or an international organisation, and the level of security given to the information by the third country or international organization;

More information like:

the person who will receive the information or the person with whom the information could be shared;

the nature and type of the information

the right to access information and the right to correct the information that you need;

your right to oppose being subject to the use of personal data and

the right to make a complaint to an Information Regulator and the contact information for the Information Regulator.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should please contact Customer Support by email on

Data Collection And Process

The information we obtain from you is gathered for a specified, specifically identified and legally enforceable purpose that is connected to the operation and function of Copier and Printer, as defined by Section 16.1.2 of the Terms and Conditions of Utilization of the Site. You acknowledge and consent upon registration that we can gather the information you provide either in connection with or as a result of the use of our website as well as, but not limited to providing online trading services you purchase.

We will not disclose, sell, rent, or share the information to anyone else in any manner other than the manner described in this privacy statement.

We collect data from our visitors at various points on our site. We gather information on your auction, buying and selling actions if you decide to use our website due to participating in these activities as well as from ratings and comments made by other users about your participation in these actions.

We also collect data from correspondence in any form like phone conversations and emails from you , or from any third party who knows about you. We also may collect information from you when you opt to take part in promotions that are exclusive to third-party partners on our website. The information you provide is shared with the third party however only with your express consent and solely for the purpose of the promotion.

We also gather financial information from you when you bid on specific goods or services on our website, or if you sell through our site, as well according to the Conditions and Terms of Use for this website. We charge fees for selling and your information regarding payment is used to charge you in the appropriate amount. We can transmit your payment data to recognized third parties in specific instances, for example, the purpose of charging for sales or during auctions where shipping and fulfillment or delivery companies are available to our customers, but only when our customers have requested such services from us.


We will use any personal information that you supply to us by you on or in connection with the access to this Site including the information mentioned above, in compliance with the requirements that are contained in the Act.

To use our website, you must first fill out our registration forms. If you sign up, we will collect your personal information, such as your name and address, email contact, mobile and even your phone number. We also gather additional information (such as: How did you learn from us? your preferences) and unique identifyrs (such as your company’s names and your VAT numbers (if applicable).

Every information that is required is provided on the registration form . It is required to complete the registration procedure. We encourage you to fill in the additional information, if required, that is required in the registration form, so that we can give you an experience that is more tailored to you on our website.

We could at any time, in our sole discretion, require more personal details from you. You could be asked to verify and/or certify these details such as your identity, address , and details of your contact for reasons of security and verification. These documents could include the copies of ID documents such as passports, utility bills, passports or licenses that grant you the right to distribute or sell specific items or products as well as financial or legal documentation as well as any other documentation relevant to your use of the website or application (but not restricted to this).

All new members receive an invitation email to confirm the username and password. Registered users may receive information about products such as services, special offers as well as a newsletter. To respect the privacy of our customers we offer our users the option to opt-out of receiving these kinds of messages (refer to our choices and opt-out section further down).

Cookies and other technologies for tracking

How do you define cookies?

The Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how we utilize them, what types of cookies we employ i.e information that we obtain through cookies, the way in which that information is used in managing the settings for cookies.

Cookies are text files which are utilized to store small bits of data. They are saved on your device every time the website is loaded in your browser. Cookies help us make the website work properly and secure, and provide a more user-friendly experience, and also help us to understand how the website works and help us analyze what is working and what needs to be improved.

How do we use cookies?

Like most websites, our site utilizes third-party and first-party cookie to fulfill a variety of functions. First-party cookies are generally required to ensure that the website functions in a proper manner They do not store any personal identifiable information.

The cookies from third parties used on our site are used primarily to understand how our website works and what you do on our site and to ensure that our services are secure and delivering advertisements that are relevant for you and, ultimately, giving you a more enjoyable and enhanced user experience. It will also improve your subsequent interactions with our site.

We use a variety of cookies.

Manage cookie preferences

Cookie Settings

You can modify your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the button above. This will allow you to go back to the cookie consent banner to alter your preferences, or remove your consent immediately.

Furthermore other browsers have various ways to block and remove cookies that websites use. It is possible to alter your settings in the browser so that it blocks or deletes the cookies. Below are directions that explain managing and remove cookies from all most popular browsers on the internet.


Log Files

We gather statistical data regarding you from page views. Each image, page or CGI application that you request by your browser on our servers is recorded in a log file that also contains the following data such as your IP address at the remote and the source of the HTML page, as well as the kind of computer and browser that you’re using. We utilize IP addresses to study trends, monitor our website monitor your movements and gather general demographic information for use in aggregate. The information we collect from our statistical analysis is utilized internally to conduct marketing analysis. The IP addresses and the information are not tied to personal information.


If you are able to successfully sell the product, or you take home an Auction or you are the winner in an Auction in which the winner is not able to meet the requirements, your name email address, postal address, telephone number as well as fax number as well as payment details , including credit card information and postal address could be given to the other person involved in the Auction according to these Terms and Conditions for this website. If, for instance, you participate in an Auction and then win the Auction your information will be given to the seller of the object for auction. Similar to when you’re selling your item via Auction the details of your bidder will be given to the winner of the Auction.

In the event that your personal details being disclosed to another party participating in the auction mentioned above, Copier and Printer is not more responsible for, and assumes no responsibility for any of the scenarios mentioned in the clause 1.4 in the terms and conditions of Utilization of This Site.

We’ve compiled demographic data in conjunction with our business partners as well as advertisers. The aggregated information is not specific to you and personal information will be used in an aggregated compilation of data. When you submit applications for loans, or any other form of service which require a valuation of your credit profile your Copier and Printer purchase history will be made available to our business partners to allow our business partners to determine the risk involved in providing the services you request, which includes, but not limited too, financial services provided by third parties.

We will disclose information about your (as either the seller or buyer) to the individual buyer or seller in the event that the need be, under the following situations:

(a) In the event that you either as the buyer or seller are no longer able to contact in connection with an agreement to purchase or sale;

(b) In the event that you do not fulfill your obligations under any contract between you with the seller or buyer depending on the situation;

(c) In the event that you as the buyer or seller, are acting in violation of the law or in fraud.

This information will along with the information above, be made available to the other party only by us:

Upon a formal demand from the seller or buyer depending on the situation be, under The Promotion of Access to Information Act;

The release of such information is reasonable and is necessary to implement or enforce these Terms and Conditions for this Site;

The disclosure of such information is justified and is necessary to protect the security, rights, or property of Copier and Printer’s customers and other users; and

Access to information is not denied based for any reason other than the reasons for refusal as set out in chapter 4 of the Part 3 of Part 3 Promotion of Access to Information Act.

If we receive a formal request from either the seller or buyer, in the event of a formal request by the buyer or seller in relation to access to your data in any of the circumstances stipulated under the clause 16.5.3 of the Terms and Conditions of Use we agree to inform you of the need (via via email) and, if you not respond to the communication within 7 days from the transmission thereof, your data will be disclosed to the requesting party.

By submitting your consent to the Privacy Policy when you register you consent to the disclosure of your personal information in the event of any one of the situations mentioned in the clause 16.5.3 in our terms of Service and in the event that you fail to take action in response to any notification of a request for information from the seller or buyer depending on the situation.

Additionally, you agree that we shall not be held liable to you or anyone else for any damage, loss cost, or other amount that are incurred, savings squandered or any hardship endured by anyone, however caused (including when the cause of the loss is not known) by the disclosure of your personal data in the case that it is a result of (a) as well as (b) the above.

We also share information that is personally identifiable about you to our parent company subsidiaries, affiliates and other related entities to provide the international trade solution. These entities will handle your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy exactly the way they treat their own information about users.

Cross Border Flow of information

We might share your personal information with Buyers, Sellers Suppliers and Users from overseas, which means that we can share your personal data with other countries.

We may disclose or store your information to individuals and/or companies for the purpose of collecting information as that are described in this Privacy Policy in other countries. We will make sure that such areas have adequate levels security in relation to the privacy of personal information or data laws.

If the place where information is transferred or stored in does not have the same laws, which guarantee the security of our personal data We will make the necessary steps to make sure that your personal information is secured in the jurisdiction.

We’ll only do it only if you have given us your permission and we are bound by a contract to guarantee the security of information about your privacy as well as personal data when we transfer and store your personal data,

External Links

This website includes links to websites owned by third parties. Be aware that we’re not accountable for the privacy policies or the content of other websites. We recommend that you be aware of the privacy policies when you leave our website and to review the privacy statement along with the terms of usage and security of personal data details of every site that collects personally identifiable data. This privacy statement is only applicable to the data that is collected by this website and/or our application.


If you would like to sign up for our monthly newsletters we’ll ask for contact information , including email addresses. But, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether or not to remove yourself from this list, as laid out in our selection and opt-out section further.

Site and Services Updates

We also provide you with service and site announcements. It is not possible to unsubscribe because they contain vital information about our services and website.

Surveys and Contests

Sometimes, we require details from you through surveys or competitions. Participation in these competitions or surveys is entirely voluntary and therefore you have the decision to decide whether or not to provide any information to us. The information requested could include contact details (such like email addresses) as well as demographic data. We collaborate with third party partners to provide prizes for our contests however, no personal information is shared with these third-party partners.

Contact details will be utilized by us to notify winners and give prizes to winners of our contests and for mailings with promotional messages. Information from surveys is used to assist in monitoring or improving the usage and satisfaction of the site. Users who have registered on our site are automatically entered in certain contests we run which will give them more chances to be a winner.

Public Forums

In the event that we provide chat rooms or message boards accessible to our users, keep in mind that any information you share is shared in these spaces is public information. It is therefore important to be cautious when you decide to share your personal information. We might periodically review private messages and communications between forums and private messaging systems, to make sure that security is maintained and policies are adhered to.


We take every step to protect against the loss, misuse , and alteration of the information that we have control over. When you send sensitive information on our website Your information is secure both offline and online.

In the registration form we ask you to input your personal information or other data (such like a credit card numbers) the information you input is secured and encrypted through SSL.

Although we employ encryption to secure sensitive information online, we take every precaution to secure user information offline. The servers we store personally identifiable data on are secured environment.

We regularly examine our security procedures to ensure that we’re current with the latest best practices in the industry. Our security measures are not invulnerable.

If you have any concerns regarding security on our site, feel free to write us an email at hello@Copier and


If you do not wish to receive our newsletters, updates about our products and services, special offers, surveys and promotional materials by us and our partner companies or push notifications on the browser you use, then you can choose to opt-out of receiving these messages by following the instructions to unsubscribe in the appropriate email or sending us an email at or disable push notifications in your browser.

To change your registration details, login to our Members Area or go here.

To sign up to our newsletter Click here to subscribe.

Correction/Updating of Personal Information:

If the personal information you provide to us is changed (such like your email addresses) or if you don’t want to continue using these services, we can rectify, update or delete your personal information that you provide to us. This can be done at the member information page or by emailing our Customer Support at

If you would like us to delete the personal information you have provided to us, we’ll remove your account. However, your personal data are kept for 5 years in order to fulfill legal reasons related to our activities and activities , and also to collect statistics in line of the Protection of Personal Information Act. The information is only stored and not utilized and shared with others or sold.

Anti-Spam Policy

We believe in the use of permission-based email marketing and have formulated this zero-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy. We can amend this policy , and post notice of any updates on its homepage. Your use of the website or app signifies your acceptance of the conditions and terms in our Anti-Spam Policy.

Spam is commercial emails or bulk emails that are not solicited, including junk mail, that is not specifically requested by the person receiving it. Spam is different from permission-based email.

If you suspect that you’ve received Spam linked to Copier and Printer any way, you can submit an email with the complaint, including the unrequested email, in addition to the Copier and Printer abuse. Also, you can provide any other information you believe could assist in a Copier and Printer probe. We don’t investigate or make any decisions that is based on anonymity. Spam complaints.

Anyone who signs up on Copier and Printer and supply an email address agree to Copier and Printer sending emails regarding Copier and Printer-related products, information and services to the email address. To safeguard you from privacy concerns, we will not trade, sell or share our list of subscribers with anyone else for any reason. You can unsubscribe at any point.

Data Retention

We will keep your personal information to the extent that it legally required or permitted by law or contract or based on your interactions with you, the records of your personal data will be kept for legitimate purposes related to our activities and functions or for statistical analysis or for purposes of proof or for a period of time with your permission or for security and prevention goals. The information we collect is only stored and not utilized and shared with others or sold.


According to the clause 14.2 in our Terms and Conditions of Service, users younger than 18 can only access our site and app with the consent of an adult or guardian.


Use of the site and/or application is entirely at the risk of your personal. You are responsible for any loss or risk that is resulting from the use of our site and/or app, or from relying upon information found on our site and/or app.

We take every reasonable step to ensure that any information or information on our site and/or app is clear and accurate. We do not make any representations or representations (express or implied) in relation to the operation and standard of our website or app, the availability access, accuracy, or accessibility of our app and/or website and/or the accuracy of information or content of our site and/or app. We will not be held responsible to any representations or guarantees that were made by us on our site and app , or by our representatives.

We are not liable except as required by law. In the event of any loss, damage or costs (direct as well as indirect) or related to or arising from or in connection to your use and access of our website or app.

Notification of changes to our Privacy Policy

If we choose to modify our privacy policy we will publish these modifications in the Homepage along with our monthly newsletter to ensure that you know the information we gather and how we use it, and in the circumstances, if applicable we share it.

The law that governs

The Privacy Policy and any dispute or claim that arises from it Privacy Policy fall under the law of South Africa.


If you or we don’t enforce any right that is provided for in the policy in question, that does not be considered any waiver of the right.

If any of the provisions in the Privacy Policy is found to be invalid, illegal, or invalid based on the law in force or by an order from a judge of a competent jurisdiction, the provision is deemed to be separable from the rest of this policy, and removed. The remaining provisions of the policy will remain valid and in effect, and the remaining provisions will not be affected.

Your Rights

Change your information

It is crucial to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. Keep us informed when you change your personal details by login to the account you have created on our website or application.

You can at any time can review or change the personal information we have on you, by establishing and/or logging into your account via our website or our app.

If you would like to obtain a copy any information not available on our website or application, take an examination of our PAIA instructions for contact details to submit the request.

When we receive the request according to the accordance with our PAIA manual, we’ll inform you of the date we will to give you the informationand if we need to charge any fee to give it to you.

The removal of your information

Contact us for your request if like us to erase personal information that is identifiable to you from our site and/or application. However the removal of your personal data could limit the services we are able to provide you with.

Verifying your details
We make reasonable efforts to verify your identity whenever you make a request for access or edit personal identifiable information prior to granting access to you or performing any decision. It is essential to protect your personal information.

Contact us
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, any questions regarding access to and the protection of your personal information, the practices of this site, or your dealings with us, you can contact us on, a


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