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This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and Copier and Printer. It also outlines some of the conditions and terms that govern your selling and buying items and services on this Site So, please be sure to read the Agreement carefully. If you are not sure or do not accept those terms, or some of the Annexures then do not take them into consideration.

We will offer you the Services only after you have agreed to all terms of the Agreement by clicking the “I ACCEPT” button after signing up with us.

By providing any and all personal information you provide on this Site when you create an account, when you register with Copier and Printer, when making a purchase or sale and/or taking part in an auction, or by submitting your signature to this Agreement by signing this Agreement, you agree for the use of personal data by Copier and Printer under the Protection of Personal Information Act.

“Copier and Printer Guidelines” refers to the guidelines published by Copier and Printer at any end of time that govern the offering for sale and the sale of, and the offer to purchase or purchase items and services listed on this site;

“Buyer” is the person, firm, or company that makes an offer for, or purchases any items or services that are offered on this site for sale;

“Buy now item” is an item for which the Buy Now Price has been set for the specific goods or services being offered to the buyer by the seller and to which the procedure for determining the price of an item as described are described in (as applicable) are applicable, with the exception that the bidder may at any time decide to purchase the pertinent goods or service at the Buy Now Price;

“Buy Now Price” means the price that is specified by the seller for the goods or services provided by the seller for sale on the price of a Buy Now Item.

“Confirmation Notice” means the notification that is described within the document.

“Fees” refers to any charge that Copier and Printer charges in accordance with the Statement of Billing Statement;

“Final value” of the order value” means the higher of “Item selling value” in addition to any shipping costs, OR the “Total order amount.”

“Final purchase value fee” means an adjustment in fee amount that is billed to a seller’s account, based by the difference between the “Final purchase value” as well as the “Item value of sales” multiplied by the category with the lowest percentage of success, which is currently 3.75 percent, excluding VAT.

“Indemnified Party” refers to each of Copier and Printer’s officers employees, contractors, advisers, and representatives from time time, and all related entities, associates , or affiliates of Copier and Printer, as well as every one of their respective officers and employees, contractors agents and consultants from time time;

“Intellectual property rights” refers to intellectual and industrial property that is protected by the common law or by statute including (without exclusion) copyright rights and adjoining rights and all rights related with inventions (including registered patents as well as the benefit of any application for patents) plants, varieties of plants and plant breeders and trademarks registered and unregistered designs, registered and unregistered comprising circuit layouts, drawings and any other rights that result from intellectual activities in the literary, scientific, industrial or artistic fields in any part of the world.

“Item value” or “Sales value” means the value of all items in the order, together with any other options that are selected for such items during checkout, except for the cost of shipping or duty.

“Listings” is the term used to describe the offering for sale, the making or establishing any kind of auction or buy-now via this Site;

“Personal Information” (also known as “Your information” refers to “Personal details”, “your information” or “information” are interchangeable within this Agreement and refer to any and all information that you give us when using this Site including the following, but not only:

Your registration information, which includes your name, address, phone and fax numbers.

Your credit card information and any additional financial details;

Unique identifiers that include your company’s address and VAT code

The information we gather about you because from your use of this Site and, without limitation by the products and services you upload on this Site in the case of a seller, as well as the items and services that you bid on or acquire if you’re a Buyer

The information you provide to confirm you’re real identity and address, and details of your contact to verify your identity and security;

The information that is classified as personal information under Section 1 of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

“Seller” is any person or firm, business, or any other entity offering for sale or sells products or services through this site.

“Services” is the term used to describe the auction on the internet, Buy Now and Classifieds services offered by Copier and Printer through who a person, firm or business can purchase or sell goods or services via this Website;

“Site” also known as “Website” is the Internet website through which Copier and Printer provides services from time to the moment, currently www.copierandprinter.co.za.

“Standard Auction” is an auction to which the auction procedure in Clause 6 (as applicable) apply.

“Trade” also known as “Trading” is any type or listing that is available on our Site which includes, but is not only, Standard Auctions, Buy Now items reverse Auctions or credit Card Secured Auctions;

“Total total payment” means the sum of all transactions made and assigned to an order, excluding payments that were reversed from these orders.

“VAT” refers to any value added tax or other consumption tax

“we”, “us”, “our”, “ourselves” and “Copier and Printer” are interchangeably used throughout the present Agreement and all refer to the same thing: Copier and Printer.  “you” also known as “your” is a reference to you, either as an Buyer, and/or as Seller, as the circumstances require or not, as well as your successors and assigns;


1 trading on this Website

– We are not involved in the sale or purchase of any goods or services through this Site other than offering a platform to sell and buy services and goods as stated in clauses 10.1 and 10.3 You hereby acknowledge with us that:

– We do not and never do we claim or claim to be the agent or manufacturer of any of these manufacturers or representative sales of manufacturer of any product that are offered for sale or sold on this Website;

– We have absolutely no influence over, and we do not claim or assert that we have any influence over any of the events mentioned.

– We have no control over the validity of, or whether we guarantee or claim that the products and services available through this Site are legal to be offered for sale.

– We cannot warrant that we will be able to guarantee or guarantee any representation or warranty that descriptions for items or services listed on this Site are accurate;

– We have absolutely no influence over, and we do not make any representation or claim that a Buyer or Seller will fulfil their respective purchase and sale obligations with respect to items or services offered for auction on this site;

– We  do not control, neither do we warrant or guarantee that a Buyer will be paid for the items and services he/she successfully bid on in the auctions on this Site;

– We do not control, neither does we guarantee or warrant that any items or services will be supplied to the Buyer in question by the Seller of that Buyer

– We cannot and don’t guarantee or claim that we are able to confirm that every buyer and seller is who claims to be.

– does not claim or warrant that we will exercise any kind of control on the nature of the feedback, comments, or ratings will be made available to you in accordance with the Rating Systems Rules

– is not and will not claim or warrant that we are able to or will be able to, despite any credit checks that we may have conducted and confirm any information related to the credit card information provided via a Seller or Buyer (as the situation might be) in accordance with this Agreement not including, but not limited to that we:

-The credit card information of any Seller or Buyer (as the situation may be) are accurate;

Credit limit has not been exceeded. Credit card hasn’t been reported as stolen.

Buyer or Seller are authorized to use the credit card, or Credit card legal to use; is not the subject of any disputes between Buyer and Seller that may arise from, and in conjunction with the closing of any purchase or sale of any product or service on this site or under this Agreement However, we do reserve the right in our discretion to mediate between two parties in the event that the conduct of either affect the reputation or image of our business.

– We do not serve as agents for the Buyer or Seller when making an offer, the auction of the items on auction sites or the acceptance of the offer, or an acceptance by the Seller of the offer.

– If you, as Buyer or Seller acquire any personal information related to either a Buyer or Seller or Buyer, in the event of a dispute and for any or all purposes specified in this Agreement You hereby affirm and warrant to us, either the Seller or Buyer depending on the circumstances to be:

– that you keep the confidentiality of Seller or Buyer and will fulfill all other obligations under section 13.4.2 in this Agreement 1.2.1 that you will respect the privacy of the Buyer or Seller; and

– that you adhere to the requirements that are contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act to the extent that it is applicable in the processing of any personal information of those individuals, regardless of whether it comes through Copier and Printer, Buyer or the Seller.

– When you trade on this website you acknowledge and agree that we are unable and cannot, and we do not, neither do we claim or assert that we have the ability or power to be in control of:

– what the Seller or Buyer uses your personal data;

– whether the Buyer or Seller processes the personal data you provide in conformity to the Protection of Personal Information Act in the sense that the Act applies, or

– who or to whom the personal information you provide is disclosed by the Buyer or Seller following the purchase or sale of any product through this website by you.

– In the course of trading on this website and accepting and acknowledging the provisions of the clause 1.3 below, you also accept and agree that upon the conclusion of the purchase and sale of services or goods, and/or auctions, Copier and Printer will not responsible or liable for:

– Any personal information that is exchanged between the Buyer and Seller to fulfill any of the purposes outlined under section 13.4.1 of the Agreement;

– Any personal information which is supplied to the Seller under the buyer’s permission in accordance with in this Agreement or reversed;

– the way in how such personal data is treated following an exchange between Seller and the Buyer. Seller;

– Failure by the Buyer or Seller, depending on the situation to treat the personal information in accordance to the Protection of Personal Information Act in the extent that the Act is applicable; and/or

– Transfer of data by the Buyer or Seller to a third-party.

Provision of Services

– We will offer you the Services.

– We will give you your username and password to sign in as required.

– We can change or change your password and username at any point and be notified of any modification (by email if it is feasible).

– The Site requires you to supply the necessary equipment such as network connections and software for accessing this Website.

– You acknowledge that Copier and Printer is entitled to limit or end the services it provides to customers at any time at any time, if Copier and Printer in its sole and sole decision, chooses to do so, without requiring reasons to justify doing so.


– The registration, bidding purchasing, creating and bidding on items listed on this Site are not subject to an amount.

– Selling on Copier and Printer may result in a Success Fee charge to your Copier and Printer account. It is a requirement of making use of Copier and Printer Services to consent to this, as well as the fees structure, billing and credit policies as set out on the Billing Statement. If you don’t agree to this agreement you should not agree to these terms and conditions.

– We are able to decide at our discretion to alter our fee structure, billing , and credit policies from time to date and the changes will be effective immediately.

– We can choose at our discretion to modify our fee structure, billing , and credit policies from time to date, in connection with promotional events . These modifications will be effective on the dates we specify when we announce an offer in this Site.

– We reserve the right at our discretion and at any time to modify or eliminate any Service or cancel any Services we offer. If we offer a brand new Service the fees associated with the Service will be effective immediately following the introduction of that Service unless stated otherwise.

– Unless stated otherwise All charges are stated as in South African Rands and are exempt from VAT.

– Users have the option of selling products on this site through the payment of the applicable fees. This is not a way to purchase the rights to the webpages, which remain the sole property of Copier and Printer. we reserve the right , at our discretion alone to display advertisements from third parties on the pages without prior approval or payment.

– Copier and Printer has the option to charge an R500 administration fee for reactivating accounts that are blacklisted, disabled, or restricted. accounts.


4 Seller

– As long as you comply with the provisions of Clause 9 and this Clause 4, you can advertise the products and services you would like to sell via the site.

– You accept you or your designated agent can conduct any required credit checks on you or your credit card if necessary.

– Alongside any rights that we enjoy under this Agreement If you violate the clause 4.2 and we are able to block you from participating in any auctions held on this Site or from making use of the services.

– If you choose to do this then you agree and warrant to the purchaser of those products and services, and also from us:

– your personal information:

– is true and not misleading, false or deceitful;

– does not violate the Intellectual Right of Property of third-party;

– is in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations or government regulations or guidelines

– is not fake in any way, is not offensive or threatening, or is not a violation of the law;

– is not a source of trade secrets or confidential information from a third party, unless you have the permission of the owner of the third party;

– is free of trojan horses or any other invidious programs or files, no matter if they are included in other software or data;

– shall not infringe upon (libel or make slanderous remarks about) any other person, or send false or misleading information that is of a commercial or personal nature; and

– does not contain child pornography, bestiality, or any other sexually explicit or offensive material.

– You have the right to legally own the items and services you offer to sell via this Site and have the legal right to conclude the sale and to transfer the title in the products as well as the services you offer to the buyer who is successful.

– You will not link to or describe products and services you do not offer for sale on this site;

– If a Buyer or dealer under the accordance with the Second Hand Goods Act makes an application for the information required for the completion of his register and you agree to the requested information will not be kept secret;

– you must be bound by your obligations under the Listing Policy.

– You agree and warrant to us and the Buyer that the information you provide to us is up to date and that you’ll alter your profile and account and other information you have in line with. The changes can be made in accordance with the clause 16.15.

– Apart from the provisions of Clause 4.4 as well as the Clause 4.5, you warrant and represent in writing to us and to the Buyer who is successful that:

– the items and services that you offer to sell or buy on this Website:

– are reasonable to serve the purpose for which products of that type are typically purchased, in the manner that is reasonable to assume considering factors such as but not limited to the description of these items and the cost as well as

– are in line with the description that you’ve put up on this Site and

If offered by bulk will match to the samples provided; will not be defective. They will be performed with the utmost attention and skill. the materials provided for any service will be suitable to the reason for which they have been provided; and if you have made known to you the specific reasons for which services are needed or the desired outcome that the Buyer wants any of the services to produce, then the services, and any materials that are provided as part of those services will be acceptable to serve that purpose or are of such a nature in quality and character that it could be reasonably expected to deliver the result desired.

– The products or services that you offer for sale and offer for sale on this Site:

– is offered for sale and will be sold in accordance to the law of the Republic of South Africa and particularly, the Consumer Protection Act that became effective on April 1st, 2011.

– can legally be sold, and then sold on this Site and in other ways, that the offering and sale of the products and services are not in violation of any laws.

– The Seller is able to establish a reserve price or minimum price , for the products and services but the reserves price, or the minimum cost depending on the situation be, should not be disclosed in the information about the services or goods to which the maximum price or reserve, as the case applies is applicable, or communicated to any person at any time.

– When describing the details that is provided regarding the products or services that the Seller sells or sells through this Site the Seller has to define the conditions and terms for sale of the goods or services, which include the following:

– If not stated to otherwise, the value shall be taken to mean South African Rands;

– that both auction and buy-now selling prices will be deemed to include VAT

and the Seller and the Seller agree that these conditions and terms will cover all matters that are governed by us in this Agreement as well as the items stipulated within Clauses 10.2.2, 10.2.4, and 10.4 and any other matters mentioned in the Copier and Printer guidelines.



– You warrant and agree in each Seller and also with us:

– your personal information:

– is correct and is not misleading, false or deceitful;

– is not in violation of or violate any Intellectual Property Rights of a third person;

– is done in accordance with all applicable laws, laws of government guidelines or regulations;

– is not fake in any way, is not offensive, or threatening, or else constitutes harassment

– is not a source of trade secrets belonging to an unrelated third party, unless you have the permission of the owner of the third party;

– does not contain trojan horses or any other injurious data or programs, regardless of whether integrated into or embedded in other software or data, or not;

– does not be able to defame (libel or defame or) an individual or share false or misleading information, regardless of commercial or personal nature.

– Your information will be kept up-to date . It is your responsibility to change your profile and account information and other details in line with. Changes can be made as per the clause 16.15.

– You have the legal ability to purchase any of the goods or services you offer for sale and is not in violation of any law when you purchase the goods or services you bid for;

– You will not place a make a bid on any of the products or services offered on this Website only if you can and have the ability to pay for the products or services;

– purchasing any products or services listed that you purchase from this Site is completely to be done at your own discretion.

– in the amount permitted by law to the extent that law permits, to the extent that law permits, the Seller may disclaim all conditions, terms and warranties, whether implied, express legal, statutory or common law or otherwise, in connection with those products and services in all the Seller’s transactions in connection with items and services you can buy from the Seller through this site 5.1.5; and

– You have obtained the required information to meet the requirements of the Second Hand Goods Act from the seller (if the law is applicable);


– If you bid for services and goods for adults and you are of legal age, you have the legal authority to purchase the goods and services.

– the Buyer is unable to finish payment for the items or services (for instance, the buyer is unable to pay for the items or services) or

– The Seller will be not able to verify that the Buyer is the buyer or verify the creditworthiness of the Buyer , as well as the Buyer’s capacity to pay for the items or services.


Ratings and Comments, and Feedback

– It is a requirement of accessing these Services, that you acknowledge to allow feedback, remarks, and ratings scores could be made available about you , as per the Rating System Rules. If you don’t agree to this statement and you do not agree to this, then please don’t accept these terms and terms.

 Ratings given each other by users need to be given in accordance with the guidelines laid within the Rating System Rules section of this Agreement.

 If you think that a assertion made in relation to you in accordance with Clause 7.1 is not true, misleading, or defamatory, or misleading or deceitful (” questionable statement “) Please contact Customer Service. We’ll investigate. Based on the results of the investigation, we might (although we aren’t required to) remove the questionable Statement. If we decide to investigate, and regardless of whether we decide to remove any Questionable Statement, and even when we don’t conduct an investigation because you have not contacted us, or for another reason, you agree to waive any rights that you might have held against us in relation with the Questionable Statement or any statement that you make in accordance with the Rating System Rules and agree that you will not file any claims or demands or initiate any action, or issue or continue any lawsuit or proceedings against us with respect to any of the Questionable Statement or any statement made regarding you in accordance with any of the Rating Systems Rules or otherwise connected to this Site and/or your usage of the Site.

– The decision of whether to conduct the inquiry, or to not hold it is completely up to us and we are not obligated in any way to consider any requests in this regard.


Payment Details – Buyer

-Alongside Clause 6.1.4 We may ask you to provide us with your valid and current bank account or credit card information at any point regardless of whether it is before or after bidding begins on any of the items or services or at any point in time.

– Alongside any rights that we be entitled to under this Agreement If you fail to adhere to the provisions of Clause

– We may prohibit the participation of auctions related to any product and services or from using the Services until you supply those details of your credit card to us.

– By providing us with the information described by the clause 6.1.4 or paragraph 8.1 or 8.3 in the above paragraph, you agree to the processing and/or continued processing of this personal data by Copier and Printer conformity of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Copier and Printer Discretion

– The Company reserves the rights, at our discretion, at any time and in all discretion modify or delete any information or take down any product or service you have offered for sale or bids made by you, in the event:

– the information or products or services, if appropriate;

-Infringes or is believed to infringe or is suspected of infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of any individual (other beyond the Seller in the case) violates or is suspected of infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of any

– could create any kind of liability for us; regarding the services and goods, if we aren’t completely satisfied that you have the legal right to sell, or offer to sell those goods or services;

You have not complied in accordance with the provisions of Clause 3.2 and Clause 4.2;regarding an offer, we reasonable think that the bid isn’t an appropriate, commercially viable bid for products or services offered;

– it is not in our commercial interest to do that;

– We are required by law to comply;

You violate any of the provisions in this Agreement 9.1.7 you violate any provision of this Agreement; in any other way in any way

You irrevocably, and completely acknowledge that any rights you might have held against us as a result of any action that we may have taken in accordance with these Clause 9, are hereby disclaimed.

– Completion of Sale , and the purchase of goods or services

– We will inform the seller and the successful Buyer of the sale that has been successful (if there is any) of any item or services via an automatic email after an auction has ended.

– After receiving the Confirmation Notification, the Seller and the Buyer who is successful is solely accountable for the following issues that include, but aren’t including:

– Implementation of the purchase and sale of the services or goods in addition to establishing a consensus on the time at which risk in relation to the products or services passes to the Buyer, and on when the title to the services or goods is transferred to the Buyer

– Insuring they conform to the laws in force in the state where both the Seller and Buyer reside in relation to the completion of the purchase and sale of the products and services (including not limiting the formalities that must be completed in connection with the purchase and sale along with the formalities required by the terms of Second Hand Goods Act) and in the event that both the Seller and Buyer reside from different jurisdictions, the applicable law for any contract or agreement that results between Buyer and Seller will be Gauteng which is South Africa, the Republic of South Africa;

– In arranging payment for the services or goods;

– Insuring any insurance (if there is any) for the products or services provided;

– depending on the circumstances, appointing the delivery date of the products or services 10.2.5 as applicable; and

– Payment of all applicable fees, taxes, and charges (including but not limited to VAT, other consumption taxes, customs duties and other import duties and tariffs) related to the purchase and sale of goods and services.

– Every Buyer agrees with us or our designated agent, can conduct all necessary credit check of the credit card used by the buyer and authorize us to supply details about the credit card to the Seller within the relevant Confirmation Notice when such information was required and provided by the Seller.

– We are not involved in the purchase or sale of any services or goods apart from providing a location for auctions and as stated in the clauses 10.1 and 10.3 Therefore, we do not accept returns on any of the products or services purchased through this site since it is not our responsibility to be the seller. Therefore, you must make all inquiries, regardless of the nature, such as the following products and services that are of a defect and not suitable to be used for any specific purpose or the non-delivery or delivery of any item or service to the Seller at the Seller’s discretion, the products or services could be exchanged or the cost refunded.

-Property Auctions – The successful conclusion of the Property auction is contingent upon the signature acceptance (signed contract) of the bid (final the winning bid) from the vendor or their authorized representative.




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